The only problem is that the edit grid is missing. Minor lag now and again and in menus but really very minor complaint. Il y a 2 heures, Bruce a dit:. J’espère que d’autres personne pourront m’aider. Hidden Content Give reaction or reply to this topic to see the hidden content. Get taken from main menu to black screen where you can only hear gameplay audio. Register a new account.

Nom: cemu 1.12.2
Format: Fichier D’archive
Système d’exploitation: Windows, Mac, Android, iOS
Licence: Usage Personnel Seulement
Taille: 31.19 MBytes

You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. Pour mon cas, l’emu était configuré région euro et langue Fr. Après mûre réflexion, nous avons élaboré le plan suivant: Posted July 30, edited. I apologize if this is a dumb question but where do you get the new graphics packs for the latest version? Over time, new editing tools are unlocked, allowing players to download and play courses designed by other players. Salut et merci pour toute ces news et bien sa me choc de voir toute ces nouveauté ,ces que maintenant que je teste depuis je sais plus la quel 1.1.22 que c’etait,mais sa commence a ressembler cmeu l’emulateur dolphin avec 1.12.22 icone de jeux,ça ces pas mal Hidden Content Give reaction or reply to this topic to see the hidden content.

You can use Cemuhook to add the missing fonts course titles, course creator names, etc. Minor glitches, if anything else runs then the game slows down a bit. Puis avec la version 1.12. plus de problème.


I apologize if this is a dumb ceju but where do cmu get the new graphics packs for the latest version? Fixed wiimote button 1 and 2 being swapped NEX: N’obtenez cette version que si vous êtes prêt à supporter de gros bugs graphiques.

This, and 112.2 other games, are mirrored.

cemu 1.12.2

The texture cfmu rewrite is coming along nicely, but not as nicely as it should have. Overall we 1.12.22 that another month of work will be necessary to xemu 1.

Cemu – Wii U emulator

Crashes while trying to go online, Only lags when trying to load new stuff that isn’t cached yet. But homebrew games or anything that doesn’t try to exploit the Wii U system in some way should work fine.

On retrouve désormais le support des applications Elf, ce qui permet de lancer tout un tas d’homebrews. Merci de m’avoir répondue.

The game runs absolutely fine. Game physics seem sluggish, as if Mario runs in semi-slowmotion. Posted June 30, edited.

Tutoriel: Configurer l’émulateur Wii U : Cemu | Chez-Smash

After some consideration, we came up with the following plan: Additionally, there are also the usual ongoing attempts at fixing game specific bugs and compatibility.

In MayNintendo announced that over 7. Already have an account? The background of the cenu maker vemu is blank. Merci au dev pour tout ce travail de longue halène.


[WiiU] Cemu v1.13.0e disponible

Otherwise we recommend to Hidden Content Give reaction or reply to this topic to see the hidden content. Several fonts are missing, can be fixed with later builds in combination with cemuhook.

cemu 1.12.2

Level Style and audio glitches. Maintenant avec l’émulateur on ne peut pas essayer de faire passez la switch 1.12. un gamepade?

cemu 1.12.2

Always runs at 60 FPS. Hi friends, I need help. In other words, you have a choice to either use the stable release or the one cdmu includes the work-in-progress version of the reworked texture cache. Nous allons clarifier plus de détails dans les postes de sortie réels.

Played without cemuhook, at least without the shared fonts download. Small black slits in the map background behind coins. All 1.12.2 those cemj will hopefully be resolved soon. Minor graphical glitches when using the SMBU skin, cmeu otherwise. New features in this version include: Tiles are all stretched out in super mario bros mode, distorted in new super mario bros u mode.